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A mobile application which can tell your true attitude.

As a Pilot you certainly know everything about the importance of the Angle Of Attack in overall airplane flying aerodynamics. And you also for sure know how many things can happen during maneuvers like climb and descend or even during Straint-And-Level flight - things which can quickly change The Angle of Attack to The Angle of Disaster. This mobile application can help you prevent such situations by tracking your airplane's Angle of Attack in relation to current flight situation.

Some planes have AoA indicators built-in, or bought as 3rd party instrument. However, if you have a spare mobile device, or want to use your regular one, which features GPS and Accelerometer modules, you might fix it into your cockpit, calibrate and set-up with basic parameters and use it as a helping tool that will track the AoA for you during flight. That can be your very low-cost AoA indicator, which you can even take with your from one cockpit to another.

Angle of Attack change during landing
Source: http://www.faasafety.gov/

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  • Information displayed in this application should be used only as INFORMATIVE/WARNING.
  • You should never attempt to use this application as a replacement for standard avionics instruments, because accelerometer and GPS measurements can vary significantly due to angular gravitational force and other external physical influences.
  • Extended FLAPS usage also change overall AoA, but we cannot disturb the pilot with the need to enter flaps position during flight. AoA Flight Assistant show only flaps-up AOA. Please be aware of your flaps position when reading AoA indication.
  • Please use it only on devices in fixed position!


Get your copy of AoA Flight Assistant now!


Multi-parameter AOA Calculation

The Application allows you to enter all parameters to calculate actual AOA precisely

Correct AOA calculation is done via entering airplane's Angle of Incidence (wing construction angle), eventual initial pitch, critical AOA for the model and current device pitch.

Additional GPS data

GPS module gives us also useful information such as ground speed, GPS altitude and vertical speed of the airplane.

GPS angle tracking

Using GPS to calculate the angle of climb or descent.

AOA changes due to climb or descent path of the airplane. This angle is properly added or substracted from AOA calculated from the pitch.

Graphical presentation of current AOA

AOA is shown both in degrees with the number and as colored scale on the side. Airplane attitude and paths are also presented visually.


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